Tech is a Mess.Catapult Isn't.

Founded in 2018, Catapult has always been about Excellence in Engineering and delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Leading Creative Agency

Engineer-Founded & Engineer-Run

It's a rare and welcome sight when you can find an agency that is not only run by software engineers, but is also highly accessible & effective communicators.

Often, the smartest people in the room can be the hardest to communicate with. Words are hard.

At Catapult, we pride ourselves in our ability to create outstanding tech, but we don't stop there. Our engineers and leaders are smart and effective when it comes to communication.

We're Eager to Help at Any Stage

If you have an idea for a project of any size, we'd love to help bring it to life. We're outcome-oriented and highly focused on delivering what you need when you need it.

If you're early-stage and need to raise money, we can help with prototyping and documentation.

Maybe you have a product in the market that needs optimization and User Experience review. We have expertise in picking up where others have dropped the ball.

Catapult was able to crack the code for a seamless integration of our applications into three new sites for us. This meant I didn't need to re-write security policies and I still have the on-demand customization and functionality I expect from Caspio. Plus, they were able to jazz it up to enhance the overall user experience.

Spike Cheever Director at Evolve Emod

Custom Development

Mobile Apps, API's, dynamic software solutions, or more - we know what a scalable product looks like.

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